Learn how to fill your calendar with

dream clients that hire you for YOU and

not just for your camera in my 200-page downloadable e-workbook.

Let 2022 finally be the year you begin ...

✔️ Attracting your dream clients and working on projects that light you up

✔️ Capturing work that is authentically you vs. just what sells

✔️ Doing the inner work that will level you up

✔️ Kick imposter syndrome to the curb and create from a place of value

✔️ Connecting with subjects in a way that produces beautiful, authentic, AND sellable work

I share the secrets to my success in building my child photography enterprise, including all the lessons I had to learn the hard way (so you don't have to). And I'm pretty hard-headed.

I offer you tips and strategies within the workbook to equip you to run your business with passion, with the end result being a business that produces profit and protects your time with family.

Imagine if.....

  • You knew exactly what to say to magnetically attract your dream clients, and feel like you had full control over every session

  • You had a precise roadmap of what exactly to do and how to do it, a detailed guide that walked you through exactly how to achieve photos you’ve only dreamed of and learn to set and keep boundaries with clients

  • Kick imposter syndrome to the curb and fill your newsletter with clients who actually want to hear from you

I see you over there wearing all the hats, chasing after your littles, building your business while working your 9-5, and doing all the things. You’re working HARD. But, it’s time to stop clawing your way to success, actually take the photos you dream of creating, and turn that inbox full of crickets into clients.

Regardless of your season of life or where you’re at in your business journey, this workbook was created for you!

It all started in my first year of business when my heat was turned off in late October in NE Ohio when I was a single Mom where I learned, TALENT IS NOT ENOUGH. You have to know business. You have to know how to market. I was a right-brained person (read: creative not business-minded) -- how was I going to "sell my work?"

Not to mention, major self-worth issues that kept showing up by way of procrastination, self-sabotage, comparison, and the like. Seventeen years later, built a nationally-known name for my business, and here I am. And now, I want to teach YOU.

I've experienced ALL of the emotions that come with owning a service-based business. The lack of confidence. The hard lessons in learning why business policies are a must. Comparing myself to so-and-so photographer. Believe that my success as a photographer depends on how many other photographers are living in my geographic area (pssst, it doesn't).

Don't listen to the naysayers, those you tell you "there are a million other photographers out there to contend with" or even "the market is bad" ... you are unique, with your own vision, your own photographic voice. And I dare to believe there is a client (market) out there for everyone. 

But, there is something that will set you apart, 100% of the time ... what?

I will show you in my Workbook. Now you can learn at home, at your own pace (in your yoga pants no less).

The Workshop Workbook has done over

1 million in sales helping new photographers

transform their business

A glimpse inside the workshop workbook

Inside My Workbook You Will Learn ...

On the Business side of things ....

►  Learn what business decision caused me to go from $800 average sale to $2800 and how I turned that around

►  Learn how to get out of “mini-session” hell many photographers find themselves trapped in. 

► Learn about in-Person sales and how I connect with a client before a session even begins

►  You’ll read about the moment of awakening I had that revolutionized my business

►  Find out how to determine who your target clients are and why it's essential to market yourself directly to them

►  Learn how to stay true to yourself as a photographer and why you shouldn’t take every client who’s interested

►  Find out how to build your portfolio with the right kind of images and how to choose which images to display

►  Speaking of websites, you’ll learn why it’s necessary for you to have one and all the elements will make yours a success (a Facebook page isn't enough)

►  Let me help you navigate the maze of Social Media and what has worked for me

►  Find out how to encourage larger sales when it comes time to order and what I learned that changed my pricing strategy forever

►  See how having a few key business policies in place will keep you sane

►  Get tips on how not to let your business overrun your family life

►  Plus much more on pricing, marketing, networking, business to business relationships and more. 

► An Introvert? I got you boo.

On the Creative side of things ...

►  You’ll learn how to find inspiration in your everyday surrounding and how to use that to create better images that are closer to your heart.

►  I get real with you in the discussion on hindrances to creativity such as comparison, validation, jealousy, and self-value (and my struggles with them)

►  Learn how to pose children and keep them feeling comfortable with my core poses that I use in every session

►  Get tips on connecting with the children you’re photographing and how to emotive storytelling and bring out a subject who is struggling to connect.

►  Find out how I keep a child focused on me so I can find that “magic moment”

►  Learn how, when, and where to find the natural light that will make your photographs unforgettable

► Learn my secret tip for getting a smile that looks natural, and not cheesy. Want no smiles? How I get the perfect 'serious face' expressions.

►  Find out what camera I shoot with, my favorite lenses, and what I always carry in my bag



“This workbook has changed my business triple-fold. I was making about $4000 per month - working my butt off. Now I'm making between $9000 and $14000 per month and only working 3 days a week. Tulsa has hundreds of photographers (or people with cameras calling themselves photographers) so I had to set myself apart. I bought the workbook as my Christmas present and spent a week going thru it and implementing her system - I cannot recommend it enough. Skye ROCKS! Plus she has a great sense of humor!”

—B. Horan, OK

the table of contents for the workshop workbook

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Styled Guide

Your Workshop Workbook purchase includes the 70-pg Styled Sessions mini-Guide FREE -- get your styling on (whether for you or your clients) as I give my best tips + tricks into bringing concepts to life via Styled Sessions

Posing Workbook + Guide

As a FREE bonus with your Workshop Workbook purchase, you will receive both my 66pg Posing Guide booklet AND my 80pg Posing Workbook -- both guides are downloadable for on-the-go inspiration and help with my best posing tips and tricks to help you become a confident poser.

My favorite thing about the Posing Workbook are the examples of the mistakes in posing I've made and how to correct them -- being a creative I learn best with visuals, I hope it's a help to you!

Sample of the customizable Forms Packet -- Must be able to open photoshop files

About Skye

Skye Hardwick Edmonds is the emotive childhood photographer behind Work of Heart Photography™ (established in 2004) and the founder of Grow Girls Online Workshop Experience. She has taught 40+ photography workshops around the country since 2007 with Sweetlight Collective Workshops (now retired from in-person teaching).

She believes photography is about more than the relationship between light and shadows — there is an undeniable heart connection between an artist, the subject, and their images. This connection is essential to creating images that are authentic and awe-inspiring.


Is this good for the beginning photographer or hobbyist?

Yes! This is who this book is for. I created it with you in mind and wrote it as the book I wish I had when I first started out back in 2004. Is this only for new photographers? No! I include something for every level of photographer to take their business to the next level.

Can I buy a printed copy?

No, I am only offering this book (and bonus goodies) as a download at this time.

Be sure you can open up a PDF file before purchase. You can go to Adobe.com and download the Adobe Reader for free.

Can I print my own copy?

Many people have, yes. However, I designed it to be best enjoyed + read as a PDF for your pc, laptop or tablet. You may or may not come across issues in printing (either yourself or by taking it somewhere). Please keep this in mind.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of this digital product, I do not offer refunds.

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