Guest Speaker

Stephanie Sifuentes

Meet Our Guest Speaker

I love adding value to my Workshops, so during the upcoming Dallas Texas Workshop attendees can attend a bonus two-hour class by our super talented, business-savvy, guest speaker!

Meet Stephanie Sifuentes of Dahlias and Daisies Photography (visit her Instagram here). A featured photographer based out of Dallas, Texas.

If you are looking to up your skills (and your bottom line) in the world of newborn photography, you don't want to miss this class!

Stephanie's Presentation

At the Dallas Workshop Stephanie will be teaching a presentation focused on COMPOSITE WORK in NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY such as:

  • Posing a newborn (safely) for composite shots
  • How to nail realistic lighting when doing compositing (#1 struggle in composite work)
  • Working with sleeping vs. non-sleeping babies
  • The actual editing showing her process to achieve final results

► If this class is of interest to you, be sure to mention when registering for the Dallas Workshop (Apr.28+29) that you'd like to attend Stephanie's Bonus Class (newborn photography speaker). Limited spots are available.