Workshop Information

There will be fine art sets, everyday sets, styled sets -- everyone can walk away trying something new or stick to their branding for their portfolio.

Featuring couture dresses by couture designers and favorite props like carousel horses, full-length wings, etc. See the "Past Workshops" in the Workshop Images album for an idea on what's to come.

Apr 25 + 26 2022

Dallas Workshop Location

The Nest Barn at Ruth Farms

ARe you a photographer who struggles with the following ...

  • comparison, envy or jealousy.
  • to price themselves appropriately.
  • battling burn-out and feel in a slump.
  • to attract clients who value their work or who value their style.
  • avoid sales because of issues with rejection
  • to connect with subjects in a way that produces beautiful, authentic, and sellable work.
  • internal blocks to "putting yourself out there"
  • to gain a loyal following on social media
  • justifying why you charge what you charge to people who do not value you
  • surviving anxiety and/or panic disorder in business
  • never feeling good enough or able to receive compliments
  • get stuck in the "learning phase" instead of getting out there and running a business
  • continuously discount or give your work away for free
  • think there is no business to be had in your small town
  • procrastination, debt, avoidance
  • lack of boundaries in business (saying no, business hours, etc)
  • capturing work that is authentically your vs. just what sells

I have been there. Each and everyone at some point in my business. What I will teach you has the power to transform not only your business but your personal life, if you so choose.

“My workshops are not just about me teaching women how to price an 8x10, but rather how to VALUE THEMSELVES. It all changes from there.”

We Do things differently

If you struggle to say out loud, "I am a professional photographer ..." or struggle to tell a potential client your pricing without a shake in your voice, this is the workshop for you.

I will help you dig deeper at issues such as procrastination, self-sabotage, playing small and other issues that plague small business owners and/or creatives.

Sweetlight Workshops are set up to allow attendees to have opportunities for one-on-one time with models with a high model to attendee ratio. This means you will not be battling other attendees to get your shot. My assistants and I work hard to provide an organized event that is set to run as smoothly as possible for your enjoyment.

If you watch the all new 2021 Promo Video you will see examples of attendees posing models and the magic of a Sweetlight Workshop.

My workshops attended by all levels of photographers -- the photographer considering starting a business; photographer new to business; the photographer who is part-time wanting to jump into full-time; the well-seasoned photographer; the photographer who has been in business years but has lost their spark or wanting to try a new niche; the photographer who wants to update their portfolio, and many more! All are welcome!



"My first workshop of yours was life-changing in its own way, this workshop was different, you were different. You poured your heart into every word you spoke. You want the best for your attendees/fellow photographers and it’s so evident. At this workshop, I learned more about me, my heart and my soul, and what really matters when it comes to running my business. The real, raw stuff. Heard some hard truths, which definitely needed to be heard. Skye, you are such a beautiful person"

—P. Bonner

Workshop Models

There will be 20+ professionally styled models for you to photograph from ages 6 - 22.

We have booked models for the workshop with mermaid hair, en Pointe Ballerinas, Red Heads, and much more

Workshop Models

There will be 20+ professionally styled models for you to photograph from ages 6 - 22.

We have booked models for the workshop with mermaid hair, en Pointe Ballerinas, Red Heads, and much more

All New Wardrobe

Envision a killer dress for your shoot but don't have the $1,000 to spend on one dress? I've got you covered.

There will be thousands of dollars worth of wardrobe at the workshop for you to enjoy. From the more simple look, to fun+funky, to fine-art inspired, to downright ethereal

Range Of Workshop Topics

Topics that are not covered at the live workshop will be covered in the online workshop included with all workshop spots.

  • image editing start to finish
  • what is 'story-movement'
  • fine-art vs natural vs editorial posing
  • adding films (video) to sessions 
  • how I create capture video for my session films
  • discuss hard topics such as struggling with what is sellable (or trendy) vs. what is 'you', the cost of jealousy, feelings of unworthiness, etc.
  • post-session images reveal
  • editorial-vibed sessions + editorials
  • navigating social media 
  • back light + sun flare
  • my go-to lenses for different looks/subjects
  • my shooting style changes with certain lenses  
  • the introvert photographer
  • truth about model calls
  • avoiding “mini session hell”
  • natural light (studio)
  • working with natural light outdoors
  • tackling harsh light + open shade
  • finding a good hair + makeup team
  • concept shoot: from spark to finish
  • styling everyday sessions
  • emotive connection by storytelling
  • photographer anxiety: pre and during session
  • hinderances to creativity

I want you to see me BE REAL. That may mean messy buns, sweat-soaked tees, ugly-faced tears and no makeup … but I have things I want you to get ahold of, and if you do, will change you as a photographer. How you see yourself, how you carry yourself, and how you run your business.

Are you ready to jump in? Let’s do this. Together.

The Circus Is Coming

There will be circus-themed sets, props, and wardrobe at the 2022 Spring Workshop.

Yes, there WILL be other sets, but my circus sets are always the star of the show. Featuring new props + wardrobe as well as old favorites

Drawn to Light + Airy?

This workshop will have sets + looks for the photographer drawn to the light + airy look. I do encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone, but if this look is apart of your branding, you'll have beautiful bright images for your portfolio.

Drawn to Dark + Moody?

This workshop will also have sets + looks for the photographer drawn to the dark + moody (like myself). There will be plenty to capture if you'd like to try a different aesthetic, or capture images that will best compliment your branding.

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