Photographer's REtreat

Introducing the Grow Girls™ Photography Retreat .... by Sweetlight Collective Workshops.

The two-day retreat will be held in the Texas countryside among the wildflowers at the Wander Inn by the Junk Gypsies in Round Top Texas on April 19th + 20th, 2022. There will be spots with and without lodging, depending on your preference.

What is 'Grow Girls'? Grow Girls is my upcoming coaching community and book for women photographers focusing on the inner work it takes to become a successful artist in today's world and dismantling all the junk (mindsets, limiting beliefs, etc.) that get in the way.

This event will focus on the photographer from the inside out with two full days of learning woven with the perfect amount of downtime for reflection, rest, and connection.

And yes, the retreat will include the photoshoot aspect with styled sets and models that my workshops are known for -- in fact, we can even squeeze in a bit more photo time with the structure of this event.

What's included with your enrollment:

The Retreat spot includes a 6-month group online coaching program that simplifies your life, strengthens your core foundations, and turns those "must-do's" into "done's.

Each attendee will also receive a printed 'Intentional Life' workbook at the workshop. The workbook is to help you identify what areas in your life need some intentional love and care and how to make lasting changes in a healthy, positive, and empowering way.

You know those days where self-doubt creeps in and you think, "Maybe I'm not ready for this. Maybe I'm not good enough yet. Why can't I ever follow through on my goals? No one will know or care if I ___________, so I'll just do it another day."? Well, you'll have people who do care and always have your back, so you can kiss those paralyzing thoughts goodbye.

"What do I get?"


  • Monthly group coaching sessions (approximately an hour) Beginning May 2022.
  • 6 interactive self-paced workbooks (monthly) for additional support.
  • Private Facebook group for continued teaching on subjects taught at Retreat
  • Confidential, safe, and supportive environment.
  • No B.S. accountability to keep you on track.
  • New best friends to keep you company as you embark on the journey. 

This is for you if:

  • You are ready to stop trying to figure it all out alone. 
  • You recognize the importance of accountability.
  • You are willing to take a good look within yourself and move forward with honesty and integrity.
  • You are ready to kiss procrastination and perfectionism goodbye.
  • You believe in yourself (or are open to the idea) and know (hope) that your future looks amazing.
  • You want to make decisions easier and faster. 
  • You are willing to be unapologetic about going after your dreams.
  • You know somewhere inside that you deserve this.
  • Aren't afraid to get messy + experience feelings
  • You're ready to start making the necessary changes for your future.

This is not for you if:

  • You are not willing to do the work.
  • You don't like sharing yourself in an intimate setting. 
  • You are not ready to confront your fears and doubts.
  • You like living in worry, stress, and drama.
  • You believe that you have nothing else to improve about yourself.
  • You don't like investing in your future.
  • You like to complain and come up with excuses why you can't.

This is where anything can happen = magic, sparkles, rants, impromptu tutorials, fear-busting breakthroughs, a marshmallow-soft kick in the ass to eliminate b.s. (a hundred times more effective than the harsh kicks). Real transformation takes time. Even though it can be tempting to take shortcuts, the truth is: there are no shortcuts.

If you are looking for the "6-figures in 6 days" blueprint, or the "lose 50 pounds overnight" program, you are in the wrong place.

Fulfill your 2022 goals without the detours.
Create a rock-solid foundation from the inside out.

Peek Inside the Retreat

Spots available with Lodging

Why a Retreat vs. a Workshop

Spring 2021 in Texas I did two workshops in which I spent the first day teaching along the lines of the inner-work curriculum (as I believe it is the key to all, yes, ALL business + creativity related issues) and the second day more traditional-style teaching (posing, props, lighting, etc) ... it was amazing, BUT ...

I felt frustrated having this first day of beautiful, real, raw discussion with these women ... and then it was like, "Okay, you have this issue we've pinpointed, go home, and good luck with that." Let's learn to pose instead.

Posing isn't bad. As photographers, we need to learn to pose our clients ... but there are thousands of photographers who will teach you how to pose. Or how to price your work.

I want to teach you how to carry yourself as the powerful + worthy woman you are. I want to teach you how to value yourself ...so something like pricing your work can become a painless task.

With the retreat, I will spend the full two days (minus our photoshoot time) teaching the curriculum I believe has the power to transform each attendee's business and personal life too (if they are willing) -- since we will have more time I can go deeper and give the solutions or steps on changing for when the attendee's go home.

And downtime is a must ... you can spend it as you wish ... journaling, hanging out on the front porch with a few attendees, photographing the Texas wildflowers, napping, or spending time perusing the famous Junk Gypsy store there on the property (a place that MUST be experienced in person).

Finally, with the online group coaching in place, I can walk alongside the attendees to continue to touch on the teachings and concepts discussed at the retreat.

I'm all in girl, are you?

Hi, I'm Skye and I'm a trauma-informed lifestyle architect, most commonly known as a life coach and photographer of sixteen years and workshop teacher of ten years.

I specialize in helping dreamers (like you) get clarity and focus in their lives so that they stop wasting time and money on things that are unnecessary distractions and often, addictions.

I do this by guiding them to incorporate ease, flow, and inner strength/healing into their lives by shifting their mindset and becoming deliberate, not desperate, creators.

I stand for unapologetic healing, freedom to design your life, and limitless potential to be/do/have whatever you desire.

Our Special Guests

For the Round Top retreat, we will have these fluffy special guests scheduled for our photoshoot. There will be a specific theme for the set featuring the alpacas that will be beautiful to photograph.

Image © Texas Party Animals

Are you a photographer who struggles with?

  • comparison, envy or jealousy.
  • to price themselves appropriately.
  • battling burn-out and feel in a slump.
  • to attract clients who value their work or who value their style.
  • avoid sales because of issues with rejection
  • to connect with subjects in a way that produces beautiful, authentic and sellable work.
  • internal blocks to "putting yourself out there"
  • to gain a loyal following on social media
  • justifying why you charge what you charge to people who do not value you
  • surviving anxiety and/or panic disorder in business
  • never feeling good enough or able to receive compliments
  • get stuck in the "learning phase" instead of getting out there and running a business
  • continuously discount or give your work away for free
  • think there is no business to be had in your small town
  • procrastination, debt, avoidance
  • lack of boundaries in business (saying no, business hours, etc)
  • capturing work that is authentically your vs. just what sells

I have been there. Each and every one at some point in my business. What I will teach you has the power to transform not only your business but your personal life, if you so choose.

The Photography Aspect

There will be fine art looks, everyday sets, styled sets -- everyone can walk away trying something new or stick to their branding for their portfolio.

Featuring couture dresses by couture designers AND fun clothing designs by the Junk Gypsies themselves -- our prop selection for this workshop will be from their personal prop collection of neon signs, couches, old cars and more!

Workshop Models

There will be 20+ professionally styled models for you to photograph from ages 6 - 21.

We have booked models for the workshop, en Pointe Ballerinas, Red Heads, and much more

Workshop Models

There will be 20+ professionally styled models for you to photograph from ages 6 - 21.

We have booked models for the workshop, en Pointe Ballerinas, Red Heads, and much more

All New Wardrobe

Envision a killer dress for your shoot but don't have the $1,000 to spend on one dress? I've got you covered.

There will be thousands of dollars worth of wardrobe at the workshop for you to enjoy. From the more simple look, to fun+funky, to fine-art inspired, to downright ethereal

A Retreat... Junky Gypsies Style

We are beyond excited to be back hosting this workshop at The Wander Inn in Round Top, Texas.

This Inn is the heart-project of The Junk Gypsies -- you may have seen them on TV or seen them featured in a magazine.

I love what they say about their Inn on their website:

"The Wander Inn is not about luxury, it’s about the land, and the road, and the experience of Round Top. It’s about the simple things—decked out with a few velvet sofas and a bit of glittery wall decor. It's a place where you can dream. A place where you can explore. A place where you can meet kindred spirits and rejuvenate your creative soul.

We’ve housed film crews and filmed 3 seasons of our show for HGTV, GAC, and Facebook here on the property, we’ve been a veritable "halfway house" for vagabond junk dealers, traveling musicians, itinerant cowboys, rogue camper caravans, and some of our gypsy friends hell-bent on wandering. We've designed our Pottery Barn collection here and hunkered down and wrote our book, which is the reason the subtitle became “at the crossroads of wonder & wander”. We even welcomed our friend Miranda Lambert, and became a part of the magic that is "the weight of these wings" ... and, all this, our wild-eyed gypsy friends, has helped us create the Wander Inn.

It is a place that feels right, it's a place where all the magic that's passed through these doors over the past few years has settled into the floorboards like well-traveled, world-weary glitter. It’s a place of salvation and creation and a place that we can't wait to welcome you into. So travel to Round Top, population 90, and slow down for a weekend with us."

Check out their TV show on HGTV. I just love them! All my past workshops in Round Top the past four years, during our breaks, everyone always went to the Junk Gypsy Shop to buy some goodies. I still have their past Junk Gypsies seasons on my Apple Tv and STILL, remember the impact their style has had on my own personal style as I've styled my home through the years.

Now a disclaimer of sorts -- we are doing the workshop at the Junk Gypsies' place and they will be allowing us to use their props, some clothing and boots, etc ... but they are busy ladies so I don't want to imply they will be there chillin' with us at the workshop (though they are welcome, of course!). This is still a Sweetlight Collective event ... just AT their gorgeous place. Now, just to be clear, okay?

The Circus Is Coming

There will be circus-themed sets, props, and wardrobe at the 2022 Spring Workshop.

Yes, there WILL be other sets, but my circus sets are always the star of the show. Featuring new props + lots of NEW custom wardrobe.

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